Bengkulu … I’m coming there soon.

On 20-21 August 2016, STAIN CURUP is to run training on elearning for its lecturers. While the budget is so limited that it does not meet the NCIE plan, the STAIN is excited to welcome us owing to the fact that its lecturers have to adapt to the current innovation in learning media we are bringing about. That’s what elearning is. Likewise, we are showing that a limited budget is not an obstacle given that money is not of our commitment. Instead, implementing elearning in a right way is of our tirelessly effort.

We know that among Indonesian lecturers particularly those of Islamic higher education is long held knowledge that elearning is simply assumed to be an electronic learning media by which a lecturer can upload learning materials and a student can download those materials. We are coming to Bengkulu to offer, and therefore, upgrade the local lecturers’ knowledge that elearning is more than that of their previous assumption. Elearning would include activity ranging from learning plan, action and evaluation.

Planning …Yes it is by design that within one semester which is of a class meeting, an elearning meeting and a blended meeting.

Action … A varius learning activity, i.e. dialogue, discussion, assignment, exam and peer-assessment is of fruitful learning experience a student hardly makes in a conventional class meeting.

Evaluation … A lecturer makes evaluation in progress through which a student can follow his/her mark from a variety of evaluation types. More importantly a student can get feedback almost instantly soon after evaluation finished, a learning feature hardly possible in regular class. Thus he/she knows how well he/she made the exam from time to time.