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I would like to start my expression by saying “no change can be done over night” which is “tidak ada perubahan bisa dilakukan satu malam.” If you are eager to the change, you’ve got to be cautious by yourself that it requires patience and compassion. To me, being patient means not hasty, bear thing calmly [diam menghanyutkan] and remain unwavering when faced with adversity, e.g. critique albeit it is bullying sometime. I know it is bitter but the fruit being patient bore is sweet. While compassion would mean that you have strong desire to arrive at the goal you set up for the change to take effect. Having these two characters combined would lead to the fruit of the change albeit it is bitter in the process.

Devising elearning to be a part of current teaching and learning methodology is not that simple. Elearning is of new age experienced currently by young generation called millennial, born some time in 1980’s, while the teacher who wants to use it is of old generation. This shows us that teacher’s mindset is of internal challenge to make use of elearning. If the teacher owns pro-change mindset, he or she is eager to make use of the elearning. In contrast, if the teacher is of status quo, elearning is of no use. It may be regarded as not the essence of the teaching and learning process. The wise thing to uphold would be that teacher who happens to be a part of old generation has to adapt to millennial generation to guarantee his or her teaching and learning model is acceptable. Thus, elearning is unavoidable for current model of teaching and learning.

I came to STAIN PAREPARE two years ago to introduce the lecturers how useful elearning was and convinced them the effectivity elearning would bear to attain at the teaching and learning objective. Unlike over 25 higher education institutions I ever visited, STAIN PAREPARE showed its eagerness to employ the elearning. It is a sort of high tech institution that the employment of technology is not only confined to administrative stuff but more importantly is to teaching and learning process as a core value of higher education. This time, I am coming back to this remote but among mainstream institution to convince its young lecturers of the significance of the elearning. Even though the institution is still STAIN which has low budget, its success in devising technology to teaching and learning is well above well known UINs let alone IAINs.

Again, my message for those implementing elearning at the higher education is to have patience and strong compassion. More particularly, learn how STAIN PAREPARE successfully makes use of it despite low budget.