Repeated Elearning Training at UIN Jambi

It is not that easy to come back to the same institution to do the same training though for different audiences. Majority of institution I have visited inclined to think that elearning training could be done only once for all periods. It all relies on the manager commitment to speeding up implementing elearning as a current model for teaching and learning at the university. If the manager had been eager to speed it up, he or she surely realizes that the training should have been conducted repeatedly. For this reason, UIN Jambi, a special credit to its LPM director in supportive of Mr. Rector, is of exemplary role for consistently carrying out the training every year since 2015.

A total number of some 300 lecturers had undertaken the training of which 70% have been modelling their teaching and learning with elearning. Those lecturers had been refreshed their elearning pedagogic skills to make sure their elearning competence falls within the LPM quality assurance. As a result, UIN Jambi elearning is among the best three higher education institutions after UIN Banjarmasin and STAIN Parepare, in modelling current teaching and learning at higher education whose teaching and learning traffics hits the top three ranks within the MORA higher education.

Other MORA higher education should have looked at UIN Jambi to learn how effective its elearning implementation is in spite of the fact that demographically the institution location is far from the center of power in Jakarta. In short, implementing elearning is not a matter of demographic location but of commitment. Bravo UIN Jambi.